To web or not to web ?



Wolfs Online Photo Gallery

1998 I served the German Photographers Forum on Compuserve. My duties were keeping the place in order and uploading new pictures. Some were made by me, most came from other users. A predecessor of the now quite popular photo communities on the web. And very popular with Compuserve users.

Unluckily when AOL bought Compuserve they closed all German fora. Including the German Photographers Forum.

I had planned to put at least my own photos online again later on my own little website. Unluckily a German broadcaster did not agree. After that the desire to put something online for free, but with a risk of being sued over millions of $ had gone away. Such things cost time and money already without legal battles and seem to attract all kinds of hatred, enviousness and jealousy.

I'll try again now, but on a seperate domain adress, so nobody can take over my private and personal mail again. Everyone - except lawyers - is welcome to have a walk around and look at the photographs. You may save the pics for your private use; uploading them to your own website or inline linking is not allowed however.

Of course pictures can be bought for private use as well as for commercial purposes. They are available in high resolution and without the visible copyright notice. The videos are available with higher quality as well. Contact me at wolf @

I might still close some or all areas to the public and give a password only to good friends if traffic gets too high or legal trouble comes up again. This is just a private website and no public museum and I do not get paid for it anymore like it used to be with Compuserve. More the opposite: I have to pay...

If things turn out fine and there is enough interest I might put up more photos and general photo topics in the future. For the moment it's my shots from an expedition cruise with the "World Discoverer" to Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea in May 2003. Have fun!